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The SAU Honors College was founded in 2003 by Dr. David Rankin, president of SAU. Dr. Lynne Belcher served as founding director and recently retired from SAU. The Honors College seeks and admits qualified students who seek to pursue a serious academic program with equally gifted peers and committed teachers. Honors classes are small and provide academically enriching opportunities for students and the faculty who teach them. Currently, SAU enrolls nearly 170 honors students and graduates about 66% of admitees in four years or less. Anyone interested in applying to the Honors College or seeking further information should contact the director, Dr. Edward P. Kardas at or at 870 904-8897.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Bucket List: Brooke Burton

 So much to do and such little time. Time is precious and sacred. After enduring many hard times, one starts to realize the true importance of being present in the moment. That is why Ihave many experiences on my bucket list to do. What is the point of life if you’re not actively living it? 

 There is a difference between being here and living. I am going to make the most of my time here on Earth and try to help leave it a little bit better than I found it. 

Everyone has somewhere they want to travel on their bucket list. My place is Venice. It is fascinating to me how the main form of transportation is through their unique canals. When I go,I’ll take a nice relaxing boat ride and take in all of the beauty. It is known as one of the mos tserene travel locations. 

Music is a vital part of my life and I would love to pour my heart into a musical composition. It would be an honor to have a group of students that I teach play a composition that I would conduct. Music is a language that all people speak. I want to impact students andthose that hear it. Music moves people to change. 

Another goal of mine is to start a non- profit organization to aid those with Alzheimer's,cancer patients, and people that are afflicted with other diseases. Music has been proven to improve the patient’s quality of life in many different scenarios. The power of music evokes emotion and memories.There are many other bucket list items I have not included, but these are the most important to me.

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