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The SAU Honors College was founded in 2003 by Dr. David Rankin, president of SAU. Dr. Lynne Belcher served as founding director and recently retired from SAU. The Honors College seeks and admits qualified students who seek to pursue a serious academic program with equally gifted peers and committed teachers. Honors classes are small and provide academically enriching opportunities for students and the faculty who teach them. Currently, SAU enrolls nearly 170 honors students and graduates about 66% of admitees in four years or less. Anyone interested in applying to the Honors College or seeking further information should contact the director, Dr. Edward P. Kardas at or at 870 904-8897.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Bucket List: Jade Dillard


Before I “kick the bucket,” I would like to do several things. Most of these things are not exactly “thrill-seeking” in a way that’s traditional. I have anxiety, so pretty much everything is thrill-seeking. Ha ha.
• First, I would like to go abroad for a year or two (or forever) to New Zealand or Japan. I enjoy learning new languages and their culture.
• Going to Japan to visit, even, would be exciting. I’ve been learning Japanese for nearly a decade now.
• Adopt another cat or a dog. One that doesn’t shed or isn’t very hyperactive.
• Go on a cross-country trip with some of my friends. See the Grand Canyon and Pike’s Peak. Get another one of those mountain donuts.
• Hike a good percentage of the trails in Arkansas.
• Go to a huge convention (i.e., TwitchCon or VidCon).
• Graduate college as one of the top students in my class.
• Buy a house (and a Queen-sized bed to go in it).
• PORCH SWING to also go to the house.
• Travel in a hot air balloon, preferably not alone with the person guiding it.
• See Car Seat Headrest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Cheekface live at a concert.
• Start my own graphic design business and have several businesses.
• Intern below a local graphic designer.
• Go to a psychiatrist and get diagnosed, so I can finally be at peace with my disorders.
• Find somebody to marry, or at least to live with. Marriage is optional.
• Build a greenhouse and maintain plants.
• Find a personal trainer to help me reach my health goals.
• Overall, just become a healthier person despite the plethora of disorders and disabilities holding me back. It’s one of my biggest wants in life.
• Sell my own designs in the form of stickers, posters, or decals. Any of that would be awesome.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Bucket List: Lakken Caffey


Cross country road trip

I want to travel across the country with close friends.  I want to see new places and things and I want to experience it with people I care about; it would bring so many new memories and experiences.

Live big city life

My goal is to settle in a big city like Boston or Seattle, even if its just for a few years. I feel places like that just have something to offer other than what I’ve experienced in my hometown or college town.

Make something

I want to make something expressive of myself. While I don’t know exactly what, I want to have a project I can call my own and put into the world in some way, weather it be a painting, book, video game, or film I want to be able to put a piece of me or my ideas out there in a big way.

Find myself

I hope I can feel comfortable in my own skin one day. I think this will always be a work in progress, but self-growth is important to me. I want to do good on this earth and hopefully recognize myself as an individual I am proud of all around.

Bucket List: Brodie Gholson

 My bucket list is nothing special; I have a few things I want to accomplish, and I will do anything to strive for those goals. 

I want to learn Italian on my own in order to eventually move to Italy with my betrothed. Together, we will be able to accomplish my dreams.

Another important goal I wish to seek is to become proficient at making things. I want to be able to design, code, draw, or write anything I wish. I want it to be successful too, but that isn't a requirement.

Lastly, and this may seem a little farfetched, but I wish to try many different meats and foods. I want to taste alligator jerky, kangaroo meat, ostrich, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, quail, guinea fowl, bison, goat, jellyfish, boar, yak, horse, bear, python, and many more. If it's edible, I want to try it.

Many people have a bucket list, and I'm no different. I want to live a life with purpose. I hope every person who reads this can accomplish the same.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bucket List: Emma Melvin


While there are an infinite number of things I would like to do in my life, for a bucket list I want it to be realistic. I want to be able to complete it one day and have something to look forward to.  

Starting off I want to complete college and find a decent job, a basic one but still something decently hard to complete without effort. Having that stability will help me complete the other things on my list. 

Next is to build a house, a big thing but it is something important to me. I guess going along with the boring adult stuff, marriage is also on the list. But so far that’s just basic things almost everyone wants. 

One thing I really want to do is spend a night somewhere far out and just watch the stars. That’s my version of appreciating nature without having to go out into the woods or something.  

Back to boring stuff, I would like to go beyond in my field and be a creative director. My forte is coming up with creative ideas so I would love to be the one who dictates the goal instead of the one who just executes someone else's ideas. 

There probably more little trivial things I would like to do but these are the big ones. They would have the largest impact on my life and that is why they are here. I would rather achieve the things I want the most than something similar but not quite what would make me the happiest

Bucket List: Rachel Kelley

 A bucket list, something I fondly remember thinking about often as a kid but now I barely know where to start. When I was little these lists were of course filled with ridiculous, imaginary goals. “Have a pet dragon” was always at the top and “live in a castle” wasn’t far behind, and if I’m being honest those are goals that will always stay on my list because don’t we all deserve to keep a little whimsy in our lives? Plus, who knows, maybe in the future scientists will “Jurassic Park” up some flying lizards; I think that’d be close enough for me.

Realistically though, I want to live far off in Montana, or in a big city to the East--maybe Florida. I know, those are two very different and far apart places but I’d like to keep my list a little flexible! Montana would suit me, with its beautiful mountain regions, but Florida is better located for the work I want to do. 

I mean, you don’t really hear about games or movies being made in the Upper Midwest. Any sort of house would be good with me, so long as it can handle me and some cats because I definitely am taking some feline buddies with me where ever I go.

Aside from that I really would love to travel. Since I was young, I loved the idea of going to Europe and seeing the sites. Visiting the north--Denmark, Norway, Sweden--to explore those mountains and coasts before making my way down towards countries like France, Italy or over to Ireland. That’s where my family is from and it would be amazing to connect with the culture there. Overall, I just want to make my life enjoyable no matter what happens or where it takes me.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bucket List: Jenna Holmes


When I think about the things I want to complete in my life, it’s hard to condense it down to a short but achievable list. Ideally, I would want to accomplish things like curing cancer or ending world hunger, but those are not things that I can achieve realistically. Regardless, the things that are on my bucket list are very diverse.  


My first goal is to get my M.D. Ph.D. in neurology. I want to come up with a new medical procedure or technique.  I also want to get my MD to become a surgeon of some kind, but I haven’t decided yet. I have always been very interested in how the human brain works, so I’m considering neurosurgery. 


I also want to travel to Italy and Greece.  I love the cultures of Italy and Greece, so I have always wanted to explore there.  I want to go sight-seeing and I also want to try all the different foods that these cultures can offer. 


I also want to own a house of my own. I want to have a house with my future husband with two corgis. I don’t really have a specific house in mind, but I want something that I can call home. I don’t really plan on having kids, because I’m content with having dogs as my children.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Bucket List: Hannah Diffee


There are a number of things I hope to accomplish before I die. These often seem like things far out of my reach - unattainable dreams that will never be made a reality. However, I know that if I work hard in life, I can be successful and do many things that make me happy. Though I have so many goals swirling around in my mind, I have never compiled them into a full “bucket list.” So today, I will give you an idea of what my bucket list would look like. 

One goal of mine is to write a book. As a child, I fantasized about becoming an author. I loved reading and creating fantastical worlds of my own in my mind. Though I’m not as avid of a reader as I once was, I hope to be able to create captivating stories in the way my favorite authors do. To me, writing is an outlet. I feel like, if I really had the motivation, I could throw all my ideas into a short novel or children’s book.

Adding to that item, I would love to one day be published in a national news source. With my Mass Communication degree, I aim to enter the journalism field and be a newswriter. It would be amazing to see my name at the top of an article in TIME Magazine.

Another thing on my bucket list would be to travel to Greece. Greek culture is fascinating to me, and I enjoy learning about the country’s history. I would love to see the attractions that are so prominent in ancient stories and legends. The architecture is gorgeous, and walking through the cities would be like traveling to another world. I would also love to try all the food I can.

A final item on my bucket list would be to graduate college with high honors. I graduated high school summa cum laude, so I hope to do the same in college. I always strive to challenge myself academically. I enjoy being at the front of the crowd, and I don’t usually gain satisfaction from doing the bare minimum. I feel like true success isn’t measured by the outcome of your performance, but rather by the effort you put into achieving your goals.