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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Bucket List: Megan Green


Bucket lists are windows into the minds and hearts of others. Knowing what is on someone's bucket list is telling of where their priorities truly lie. I have many items on my list, most of which are extreme sports, but the important items are more long term.

Before I die, I want to go skydiving. While this is very basic and unoriginal, it’s very important to me to be able to experience this. It’s all about the mindset of conquering fears. I have so much that I’m afraid of and not being in control of what happens to me is one fear. By going skydiving I would be putting my life in the hands of the skydiving instructor. But, I expect it would be a very fun experience.

A more long-term item on my bucket list is being accepted into the FBI Academy and ultimately working for the FBI either as a STEM professional or a special agent. I intend to apply for the special agent position as soon as I am eligible. Everything I do now is working towards this one goal. I want to be accepted into two different programs the FBI offers to college students and graduate students. They are both summer internships that would help me to get my foot in the door with the Bureau.

I also do not always want to live in Arkansas. Being accepted into the FBI would mean that I would move to Quantico, Virginia to attend the FBI Academy. After graduating I’m not certain where I will end up but it’s not my intention to return to Arkansas.

My bucket list mostly consists of things that will help me grow as a person, and I’m excited to see where my life will take me.

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