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The SAU Honors College was founded in 2003 by Dr. David Rankin, president of SAU. Dr. Lynne Belcher served as founding director and recently retired from SAU. The Honors College seeks and admits qualified students who seek to pursue a serious academic program with equally gifted peers and committed teachers. Honors classes are small and provide academically enriching opportunities for students and the faculty who teach them. Currently, SAU enrolls nearly 170 honors students and graduates about 66% of admitees in four years or less. Anyone interested in applying to the Honors College or seeking further information should contact the director, Dr. Edward P. Kardas at or at 870 904-8897.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Poem: Monet Coppersmith

Monet Coppersmith recently won second place in the 2023 Southern Arkansas University for her poem:

Encephalon Empyrean

The ether of the sky and mind are one and the

Toying with the firmament and capricious

The stygian sky rises when the clock hits 1,2,

And the ardor of the soul fills with colors of
every hue.

At zero hours the encephalon fills with
blossoming flowers.

Then when a chronograph anxiously strikes

The cerebrum at last is truly free.

Lost in the landscapes of places never

Fathomless fears vigorously come unraveled.

The spirit yearns for a chance to take flight,

Soaring into the empyrean of twilight.

Emotions themselves mourn, filled with

As the body shivers with vehemence that’s
freshly born.

The welkin begins to fill up with light,

Scarlet, carmine, and vermillion take over the

Swirling shades pulled from the recollection
with a hush,

And gifted to the sky so it may once again

The consciousness rises and stirs with gelid

As it tries to recall memories that it can never

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