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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

6th Floor Museum Visit

 I told several students on the trip that I was in the ninth grade in Kensington Junior High School in Maryland on November 22, 1963. I was in Civics class when the announcement came to each class, "President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas."

When his body lay in state at the Capitol days later my parents drove the 15 miles into Washington DC to briefly pass by his casket.

Since then, memory of those days has faded but the 6th Floor Museum keeps them alive. The museum preserves a dark day in American history, one that had major effects on the country.

Here is a photo of what the Textbook Depository Building's 6th floor looked like that day

 The following two photos show the Kennedy's and the Connaly's before Oswald began to shoot.

The next photo shows Jackie Kennedy trying to leave the limousine. Secret Service agents stopped her.

Here is the view Lee Harvey Oswald had from the 6th floor

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