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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hansen, Kelsey: Bucket List

            I’ve always had big dreams for myself as a child.  Although most people may have a bucket list comprised of jumping off cliffs, sky diving, or traveling to far off places, my bucket list has more practical items to scratch off.  Marrying the man of dreams and building my own two-story house with a wrap-around porch are just a couple of examples.  However, getting through pharmacy school at UAMS to become a pharmacist is at ultimately at the top of my bucket list.
            Being a pharmacist has been my dream since I was twelve years old.  Each and every day, I strive to succeed and always do my best.  After becoming a pharmacist, I hope to marry the man of my dreams and have two to four children.  As I previously stated, you can see that my bucket list isn’t all that adventurous.  The only adventure I would like to take is to visit Hawaii.  I have always dreamed of visiting Hawaii because of its stunning beauty.  A few items on my bucket list that I have been able to mark off in the past year are getting a tattoo and getting the cartilage on my ear pierced.  A few other items on my list include meeting John Cena, attending a Taylor Swift concert, and owning a beach house in Florida. 
            Most of the items on my bucket list are more goal oriented than extreme death-defying acts, because I am not a risk taker by any means.  Even though my bucket list is a little unorthodox when compared to “normal” bucket lists, each of these hold a special place in my heart. 

Buchanan, Abby: Bucket List

The best way to take advantage of the short life we have is to have a bucket list. In order to make the most of every moment, I have to strive to check off every item on my bucket list. My bucket list might not appear to be as adventurous as most, but I still plan to accomplish everything on my list before it’s too late!
1.     Strive towards God’s plan for my life
This one is my number 1 because the whole reason I am here is to follow hard after God and pursue His plan. This item on my bucket list is not one that I can mark off in a week; it will take a lifetime.
2.     Marry the man God has planned for me
This one is kind of cliché. I want to marry a man that will push me spiritually and want me to serve God as a family.
3.     Go on a Foreign Mission Trip
I’ve wanted to take a mission trip in another country for a while now, but my parents never felt comfortable for me to go. I’ve been on plenty of mission trips in the U.S. but I want to go even farther to share God’s love with people.
4.     Watch in person every major championship in golf
I am a major golf fan! I love playing and watching the sport. This past summer I attended the PGA Championship and now I want to attend every major!
5.     Visit all 50 States
This specific item on my bucket list means a lot to me. My grandparents on my dad’s side of the family recently finished this item on their bucket list. They finally visited all 50 states!
Now all I have to do is everything on this list before I “Kick the Bucket!”

Froehlich, Aarika: Bucket List

I am a very list-oriented person, so I have had a bucket list since I was around thirteen years old. The idea of writing down your goals just makes those goals seem that much more solid and makes them more likely to be accomplished. My own bucket list mostly consists of different variations of traveling and adventurous feats: such as sky-diving and traveling to all seven continents.

I was raised to enjoy traveling. Through my father's job, my family has been to over twenty states, Mexico, and the Bahamas. This has given me a hunger for travel. I want to visit all seven continents and all fifty states. I want to visit Times Square on New Year's Eve, safari in South Africa, and see the skyscrapers of Dubai. Traveling the world appeals to me,and that is why my bucket list involves so much travel.

Sky-diving fascinates me because it's something that I am afraid of. I believe that by doing scary or challenging things I will step out of my comfort zone and make me become a better person. I am afraid of heights, so skydiving is the ultimate challenge of that fear for me.

You must be eighteen to skydive, so I had to wait until then, but now that I am of age; money is the only thing keeping me from skydiving and checking it off of my bucket list.

I personally believe that not enough people start a bucket list, let alone finish one. I am extremely determined to be a person that finishes my bucket list. I won't let my fear or worries hold me back like so many others do. I will complete my bucket list.

Nash, Laura: Bucket List

            There are a multitude of things I want to do before I die. From traveling globe to landing a job out of college, my list is anything but boring. I want people to look back at the life I led and think how adventurous and culturally experienced I was. The idea of a bucket list may be for the one completing it, but after I'm are gone, what does it matter? What difference would it make in your family and friend’s lives? The legacy you leave behind can be a reflection on completing the tasks on your bucket list.
            Like many other college students, I want to graduate college, with honors and preferably a well paying job. Using my degree would be ideal, but the most important thing is that I truly enjoy the line of work I end up doing. The pay is also something I would hope to be exceedingly good, but as long as I make enough to support my needs I know the Lord will provide.
            One of the things I most want to accomplish is to travel the world. I want to tour all over the United States, visiting every state and all the major iconic landmarks. I also want to backpack in Europe with my sister, Leah. I want to visit Italy and enjoy their pastas, see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and climb the stairs of the French Statue of Liberty. I don’t want to simply see the tourist attractions, but really get immersed into the cultures around the world. 
            With my bucket list I hope to truly leave my mark behind on the world. To all the people I meet along the way I hope to say a kind word and open my ears to hear their story and to help them in the most effective way possible. This is the legacy I hope to leave behind, the memory that people will have of me.

Bunch, Taijee: Bucket List

                  We all have, in our minds, things we want to do before we leave the world.  For myself, I always choose to dream big, because with hard work anything is possible.  Honestly, as corny as it may sound, graduating from college is at the top of my bucket list.  I believe that a free education is the best education.
            Second on my bucket list would be to visit New York City and go to a Broadway show. It has always been a vision of mine to walk the streets scouting the areas I possibly may stay; in this case, my third option on my bucket list would be to attend New York State University in order to obtain a Master’s in Fine Arts, the fourth on my bucket list. 
            With so many great things in New York, another big part of my bucket list would be to finish and publish my musical, Fantasy. Writing is one of my many hobbies that I enjoy. Sometime in my educational journey, I plan to meet Tyler Perry one day.  Yet another dream of mine.  I would also like to attend a book writing and publishing workshop, because I believe it will aid in my journey into writing songs, books, blogs, reports, musicals, and plays.
Besides education, some other fun things I would like to do include flying on an airplane. I’ve always had opportunities to do so, but they never came to be.  I would like to travel the United States including places like Washington D.C., Colorado, and California.  When it comes to foreign countries I’d love to visit Europe, specifically Italy. 

Gibbs, Kira: Bucket List

There are many times where I have had the opportunity to sit down and listen to a variety of people explain to me their nearly-reached goals and future dreams. Whenever I do, I gradually come to the point where I end up just “hearing” what has been said, instead of actually listening. Not because what I’m being told is boring; on the contrary it’s intriguing which makes me wonder what I want to do in life. I would like to do the most exciting things first, of course, which eventually leads me to thinking about a bucket list. 

The first goal on my bucket list is to announce “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” on the show Saturday Night Live. My father and I habitually watch it nearly every Saturday night. I am just amazed at the talent that this show produces, as well as the many jokes and infamous lines that are delivered. 

The second item listed on my bucket list is to act as a participant on the show Impractical Jokers. I’ve seen this show only a handful of times, but I’ve enjoyed all occasions, and I think it would just be a blast to participate in the show.

The third goal on my bucket list is to portray Belle from Beauty and the Beast in some kind of live action performance, whether it be Disneyland, or in a play. Belle is my absolute favorite Disney princess, and I’d always admired her when I was a young girl.

My next goal is to visit all the big amusement parks around the world. I absolutely love amusement parks and believe they are so much fun.                                                                                     
My final goal is is to own a bear; preferably a Giant Panda bear. This is my favorite animal and I believe I would enjoy owning one very much.

Matthews, McKenzie: Bucket List

 For the past year my entire self has been focused on just getting into college and covering the cost, after that I haven’t really considered my major goals for the future. Of course graduating, being successful in my chosen profession, and earning enough money to keep food in the cabinet are very important goals on my bucket list, but these goals are common among most of the other students on campus.
My bucket list truly starts with a dream I’ve had since my mom brought me to my first rodeo. I dreamed of being in a Grand Entry, but more specifically I wanted to be the girl who got the privilege of carrying the American Flag. Although to be able to become that I first must become a proficient rider and horsewoman. That is my second item on my bucket list.
Third on my list is to become an author. Fiction writing has always interested me, and I just want to publish my own imagination. I want to write something that hasn’t been read.
Fourth is to travel across the world to places like Ireland or Spain. I want to experience many different cultures not just outside of the U.S. but within its borders. Montana, Alaska, and Washington State would be nice because of the state’s different topography, animals, and norms (such as the “Midnight Sun Game” in Alaska.)
Even if I don’t accomplish all of these things specifically, I do keep one thing in mind. When I am old and grey I want to sit and tell my grandchildren of all the wonderful things I have seen around the world and within our country, that a person can see only if they’re willing.