SAU Honors College

The SAU Honors College was founded in 2003 by Dr. David Rankin, president of SAU. Dr. Lynne Belcher served as founding director and recently retired from SAU. The Honors College seeks and admits qualified students who seek to pursue a serious academic program with equally gifted peers and committed teachers. Honors classes are small and provide academically enriching opportunities for students and the faculty who teach them. Currently, SAU enrolls nearly 170 honors students and graduates about 66% of admitees in four years or less. Anyone interested in applying to the Honors College or seeking further information should contact the director, Dr. Edward P. Kardas at or at 870 904-8897.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Honors College Report

Honors College Report
6 October 2017

  • Director Kardas, Assistant Director Wingfield, GAs Amgain & Edeniyl, Student Worker Nash.
  • Three honors students and Director Kardas will travel to Atlanta in November to make presentations at National Collegiate Honors Council meeting.
  • Six SAU personnel: Dr. Berry, Dr. Wang, Mr. Ochs, Dr. Kardas and honors students will visit Havana in February to make presentations at Universidad 2018 meeting. Students will receive partial financial support from the SAU Foundation for both trips.
  • Dr. Kardas led a trip to Paris in May 2017 with several SAU students (honors and regular) and community members.
  • AGRI honors student Laura Nash visited Cameroon this past summer with three other students and the Boumpjes.
  • Gabrielle Davis attended the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program at Arkansas State University (ASU) Office of Diversity.
  • Taylor McNeel spent nine weeks in Mexico teaching youth (in Spanish!).
  • Drs. Paulson and Bryant are recruiting for a trip to China in 2018.
  • This year's entering class was the largest ever (N = 65)
  • The May graduating class was the largest ever (N = 32)
  • The current Honors College enrollment is the highest ever (N = 168)
  • Honors students will register early for courses in the Spring and Summer semesters during the last full week in October. Kardas and Wingfield will meet individually with each student to enter their schedule into POISE.
Honors Events
  • Faculty and students from Appalachian State University and SAU will present accounts of their visits to Cuba.
  • Dr. Kardas served as host to Rector Carlos Eduardo Suarez Ponciano in August. They visited both SAU farms, Magnolia Hospital, Southern Aluminum, the Chamber of Commerce, and Mayor Parnell Vann.
  • GA Amgain will soon activate new Linux hardware for domain: That server contains archived Honors College material and runs original routines that aid in honors administration.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Freshman Steak Dinner 2017

Seen at the Freshman Steak Dinner

Monday, September 11, 2017

2017 Entering Class

We welcome our largest class ever. SAU is growing and so is the Honors College

Nash Visits Cameroon

Laura Nash

We had adventures trying to retrieve our money transfers from the banks. The roads were very rough and had seemingly chaotic drivers everywhere. I had the pleasure of tasting some foods outside of my comfort zone: pangolin, porcupine, and goat!

I visited a small scale and a large-scale palm tree plantation and observed their different practices. I visited a research facility which had 5 different departments of study. The entomology sector had over 10,000 insects native to Cameroon encased. All soil testing for Cameroon, and several other parts of the continent, occurs at the IRAD facility.

At the rubber tree plantation, Hevecam, we observed the entire process from seeding to shipment all in one place. They were an Indian owned company whose practices were very good for sustainability. They had 33 schools on their land and housing for employees and much more. I also visited the Cameroon Department of Agriculture, where we learned their objectives and goals for their country as well as how to achieve they plan to achieve them. I traveled to 2 villages to pass out medical supplies and school supplies.

My group also paid for workers to come and fix the wells so that the people had easier access to cleaner water. I took my baths with boiled water mixed in another bucket that had cold water. I visited the ocean in Kribi for a night and it was beautiful! I sang and danced with the locals and just got a true experience of their culture. It was such an amazing trip and I would love the opportunity to go again!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Meet the Honors College Staff

  1. From L to R David Wingfield, assistant director; Laura Nash, student worker; Bosede Edeniyi, graduate assistant; Ishwor Amgain, graduate assistant.
The crack SAU Honors College staff pauses briefly to pose for a picture prior to the 2017 Matriculation Ceremony.

David Wingfield has been with the Honors College since Day 1 and is the glue that holds the ship together. He can solve nearly any problem.

Laura Nash is in her second year as our student worker and has already traveled to Cuba and to Cameroon in pursuing her studies in agriculture and accounting.

Bosede Edeniyi is our newest staff member having joined us in summer 2017. She's from Nigeria and is studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Ishwor Amgain is from Nepal and is our technical guru. He handles all of our Web-based efforts and much more.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Davis attends Summer Undergraduate Experience Program

Gabrielle Davis

Honors student Gabrielle Davis attended The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program at Arkansas State University (ASU) Office of Diversity this summer.

The goal of the intensive four-week program is to prepare students to flourish in graduate school. Davis had to write a 20-page paper as part of the program. She chose, African American Underrepresentation in the 115th Congress as her paper topic. Dr. Veena Kulkarni of ASU served as her mentor for the paper.

See her Prezi presentation HERE

The programs covered lots of intellectual bases: law enforcement, social work, financial management, professional development, and photography. The group also traveled to the National Civil Rights Museum housed at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis (the site where Dr. King was assasinated).

Davis reported a greater sense of academic purpose and potential for future accomplishment following the program. She now feels that she will succeed (as if there were any doubt!) when she attends graduate school in Business Administration.

She also got to meet former SAU psychology faculty member Dr. Loretta McGregor who currently teaches at ASU.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

SAU at Versailles

As you can see, I did not take this picture, our guide did. I wonder how she got my iPhone to work better for her?

The weather held for us again today. We spent nearly three hours touring parts of Versailles, Louis XIV's "hunting lodge."

After we looked at the famous gardens behind the building (I rented a golf cart, btw). Hard to believe that the French kings lived such lives while their subjects suffered poverty, poor health, and early death.

We'll be home Monday and are not looking forward to that 8.5 hour flight. At least we'll be flying west so we'll gain some of that time back.